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Aarmor Groups welcomes you to a new world of satisfaction, stability, and success by delivering the best projects that meet the needs of clients while retaining the distinctive hallmark of a futuristic brand.

Mr. Arvindbhai J Parikh, Founder of Parikh Developers (Now renamed as Aarmor Group by the Posterity, Mr. Pratik A Parikh & Mr. Jenish A Parikh) has been a pioneering real estate developer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, since 2000 with professional experience in building high-quality residential and commercial spaces.

Our main objective is to provide exceptional space for each of our clients in an attempt to give them the finest in class residential and business space.



Our mission is to change the landscape of urban India with innovative construction concepts. In our pursuit of this mission, we consistently remain extremely price competitive and highly quality conscious to execute premium projects packed with style, luxury and comfort.



Our vision is to be a leading name in the industry by applying the best practices and innovative concepts of construction and enhanced life style coupled with sustainable environment. And we make sure that this perspective of ours is reflected across all the structures we build for ‘Building Quality Life’.



Aarmor Group

Aarmor group already has over 100 pleased clients and assures high-quality construction while keeping in mind the value of your space. Every project we engage in reflects our commitment to excellence and fairness.

Our specialization distinguishes us by being fair and truthful in our dealings. Whether it's via our construction practices, working with suppliers and agencies, engaging with consumers, or dealing with employees, we've carved out a niche for ourselves by delivering on our promises through outstanding projects.

Aarmor Group is seizing opportunities in the real estate industry within and beyond undiscovered geographical regions today, attributed to a series of successful projects and marketing competence.

To achieve the ultimate aim of swift and organic expansion, Aarmor group is considering more ecological sustainability with prudent employment, sophisticated tech with revamped marketing techniques, and primarily focusing on public relations.

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